Pop Ups at Newington are back!

We are happy to announce the re-opening of our Pop Ups at Newington Marketplace.

The safety of our customers, retailers and stall holders is our priority and we will keep you updated as we work through the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and what it means for the Pop Ups.

Things you need to know when shopping and visiting the Pop Ups at Newington: 

  • Social distancing – Please adhere to the 1.5 metre guideline and maintain a safe distance between yourself and others at all times. .
  • Good hygiene – Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or use one of the many hand sanitiser stations located in the centre. Please also make sure to cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when coughing or sneezing or use a tissue and discard immediately.
  • Wearing masks – Wear face masks in situations where you are leaving home and physical distancing is not possible. This is a health recommendation only and will not be enforced, people will not be turned away for not wearing a face mask.
  • Touching produce – Please limit the touching of fresh produce and ask our friendly stall holders for help.
  • Extensive and additional cleaning – We have extra cleaning staff onsite and are conducting hospital-grade cleaning to ensure the safety of all our customers. We are employing both proactive and reactive measures to ensure that high traffic surfaces such as door handles, bench tops, ATM machines, handrails and bathrooms remain clean to minimise the spread of germs.
  • Pack your own reusable bags – While we love looking out for the environment, it’s important to remember that bacteria and viruses can live on many surfaces. As a precaution we ask all customers to pack your own bags rather than hand your bag to stall holders.
  • Use contactless payments where possible – Cash tends to be a carrier for a variety of germs and bacteria, so we encourage customers to make use of contact less card payments where possible.
  • Before using reusable coffee cups and containers – Please check with your favourite retailers or stall holders before using these.
  • Food safety – All stallholders have adopted an increased vigilance with regard to food safety compliance. This is in addition to already existing requirements for traders to maintain high levels of sanitation for themselves and their stalls.

If you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, please look after yourself and the wider community by resting at home. 

For more information please contact us at newingtonmarkets@arkadia.com.au

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