Keep the Kids From Climbing Up The Walls with Christmas Craft
Thursday, December 08, 2016

Keep the Kids From Climbing Up The Walls with Christmas Craft

If you're pulling out your hair trying to find things for the kids to do, check out these crafty ideas!

It's that time of year again. We're running around like head-less chooks and always have a million and one things to do, buy, cook, and organise. Everything tends to be a lot easier when the kiddies aren't bored at home and needing entertaining so we've come up with these helpful hints on how to keep the little ones out of trouble with Christmas Craft.

1. Christmas Card Making

Why buy Christmas Cards when your little elves can make them for you!Newington Marketplace | Newington Newsagency | Christmas Cards


Red cardboard

White paper

Kid friendly scissors

Glue Stick

You can pick up everything you need to create this card from Newington Newsagency and Woolworths.



2. Snowmen Christmas Buddies

The kids will love making their own Christmas Buddies. The best part is, Aussie kids can get to make their own snowman even on a sweltering hot day!

Christmas Craft | Newington Marketplace | KidsWHAT YOU NEED:

White Socks (1 x ribbed, 1 x unribbed)

Coloured Sock (for scarves)

Pillow stuffing or shredded paper

Sewing needles (be careful with these!) or fabric glue


Fabric marker

You can find this list of goodies at Woolworths.


3. Christmas Table Trees

Make your Christmas table look colourful and bright in just a few minutes. They can easily be 2D or 3D!

Christmas Cupcake Tree | Newington Marketplace | Kids CraftWHAT YOU NEED:

Assorted sized cupcake tin liners

Glue or double sided tape

Star stickers

You'll find these handy items in Woolworths.