Easter Long Weekend Ideas
Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Long Weekend Ideas


Easter holiday is approaching soon! Still have no idea what to do for the long weekend? We’ve compiled a list of activities that you can try to make your free time a fun, memorable one. Here are some ideas that you can try…

Go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The classic pick. You’re spoiled with a great variety of entertainment, ranging from animal walk, live entertainment and amusement rides to food markets, arts and crafts show and woodchop competition. It’s a guaranteed day of fun for the whole family.

Stroll Around the City

When it comes to interesting activities, Sydney CBD truly packs a bunch. You can watch the Sydney Easter Parade at Hyde Park on Monday, visit the Sydney Opera House, take a ferry to the Taronga Zoo, or explore museums and galleries such as the Art Gallery of NSW and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Take a Day Trip

The state is full of great destinations, so why not ride a car and drive around? You can have a picnic at the Royal National Park, hike in the Blue Mountains, surf at Batemans Bay… the choice is endless. If you have more time, you can also book a place at a cruise ship and sail away, all things taken care of!

Host a Dinner Party

Gather your family members and loved ones for a night of feast and togetherness! To make the night more festive, prepare some special Easter treats, such as hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. You can also get board games or other engaging activities for all guests to participate in, such as charades or Twisters. Remember to prepare the food, drinks and games days ahead, in case of stores being closed for the holiday.

Still wondering what to have for dinner? Fish might be a good idea – the taste is not only enjoyable, but there are also a bunch of health benefits that you can get from consuming this seafood. Here are a few of them…

Lowering Risk of Diseases

The nutrients in fish have been proven to protect human health and lower risk of various diseases. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish helps in regulating blood clotting and vessel constriction, therefore lowering the risk of heart failure and strokes. The same acids also play an important role in decreasing the risk of fatty liver disease, reducing tissue inflammation and alleviating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, halting mental decline, and reducing the risk of depression.

Improving Vision and Eye Health

The DHA in fish not only helps the development of eye in foetuses and babies, but they also reduce the risk of retina degeneration in the elderly. In other words, eating fish is good for the eyesight of both the young and the old!

Good for Brain Function

Here, omega-3 fatty acids play a significant role one more time. Not only do they help in brain development during pregnancy, but they also promote brain functions and reduce the risk of cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s. Consumption of fish has also been linked to the possession of more grey matter in the brain, which helps process information and regulate memory.

So, what fish are you going to try today?